About Healthcon

Formerly known as APT Healthcare Services Sdn. Bhd, we've been providing quality medical products since 1998. We embrace competition, and look to break new ground in the industry with each passing year. For the last 3 years in particular,We've Made Big Advancements In Our Tumor Ablation, Laparoscopic, CSSD, Dialysis, Anesthesia, Cardiology, Endoscope, Obstetrics And Gynecology Catalogue.

We are also an authorised distributor in Malaysia for an array of disposable healthcare products including Medical crepe paper, Dialysis catheter, Non-woven paper, Tumor Ablation, Laparoscopic and more. We've got our eyes set on becoming the leading distributor in the industry, for which we have to be efficient, dedicated, beloved and adaptable to any situation.


Our Mission & Vision

Everyday, we strive towards raising the bar as the leading medical equipment provider in the nation. We aim for nothing less than complete customer satisfaction, by giving them excellent products that they can rely on.


Our Philosophy

Customer satisfaction has always been our priority. We aim to become a source of medical equipment that anyone can trust, knowing they will get the most premium equipment available. Every customer matters.


Our Goal

At Healthcon, our goal is nothing less than peak customer satisfaction. For this reason, we are very particular with the agencies we acquire our products from. Our customers deserve to know that they’re getting the best medical equipment in the industry.

Why choose us

We’re always on the look to keep our customers satisfied and coming back for more. Take a look below at some of our biggest strengths:

Product Quality

Professional Consultant

Strategic Solutions

Reasonable Pricing