Single Product

Sterilization Gusseted Pouches

Sterilization gusseted pouches are intended to be used to enclose medical devices that are to be sterilized. It is designed to allow sterilization of the enclosed medical device and also to maintain sterility of the device until the packaging is opened for use of the device. For single use only

Product code:
HGP100300, HGP150300, HGP150100, HGP200400, HGP200450, HGP200500, HGP250500, HGP300600, HGP350600, HGP400600, HGP250380

Product size:
100MM X 300MM, 150MM X 300MM, 150MM X 400MM,
200MM X 400MM, 200MM X 450MM, 200MM X 500MM,
250MM X 500MM, 300MM X 600MM, 350MM X 600MM,
400MM X 600MM, 250MM X 380MM