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Uni-Fuse Infusion Catheter

The Uni-Fuse + Infusion System is intended for the administration of fluids, including thrombolytic agents and contrast media, into the peripheral and pulmonary artery vasculature

Product code:
12401817, 12401818, 12401819, 12401819, 12401820, 12401821, 12401822, 12401801, 12401802, 12401803, 12401804, 12401805, 12401806, 12401807, 12401808, 12401809, 12401810, 12401811, 12401812, 12401813, 12401814, 12401815, 12401816

Product size:
4F x 90cm x 5cm, 4F x 90cm x 10cm, 4F x 90cm x 20cm, 4F x 135cm x 5cm, 4F x 135cm x 10cm, 4F x 135cm x 20cm, 5F x 45cm x 5cm, 5F x 45cm x 10cm, 5F x 45cm x 15cm, 5F x 45cm x 20cm, 5F x 90cm x 5cm, 5F x 90cm x 10cm, 5F x 90cm x 20cm, 5F x 90cm x 30cm, 5F x 90cm x 40cm, 5F x 90cm x 50cm, 5F x 135cm x 5cm, 5F x 135cm x 10cm, 5F x 135cm x 20cm, 5F x 135cm x 30cm, 5F x 135cm x 40cm, 5F x 135cm x 50cm